Net Neutrality

What is the buzz all about?

Net Neutrality

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What's the buzz all about?.

Net Neutrality was and still is the basic principle of how Internet work, allowing anyone to present content freely as long it get’s some basic hosting, registered domain and properly configured DNS server. It also means that nor ISPs or any other operator in chain can charge specifically for types of applications or content of the websites. In short - byte is a byte, and as long as you pay your monthly bill or tariff plan they should not interfere if you are talking with your friends via Skype, watching p… or anything else.

What's the all buzz about?

FCC voted some documents, some rules passed senate, in short, they are trying to empower regulations that will allow carriers, for example your ISP to charge in addition if you want to visit website X and less for visiting Y. To make it even more catchy, new set of regulation give some more power to ISP’s to sell combined / aggregated data for the purpose of marketing. As expected, half of the world immediately jumped against it making petitions to save the internet.

What’s actually happening in the background

One of the biggest invention since the theory of relativity, a blockchain :) covered here, is going to get it’s place while governments and people are arguing about neutrality.
It’s logically to expect many websites are going to start injecting the javascript codes that will “borrow” your CPU/GPU power to mine crypto-currencies while you are browsing their website. What’s the difference
Tax-free money. Currently, by placing ads, results in income that’s taxable. Mining cryptocurrency means Tax-Free money.


Internet never was neutral, nor it will be. It just looks like. The fight is probably going to continue, but at least you know you are going to be charged either way. No doubt blockchain is the winner, at least it’s evolutionary question. However, it’s important to know why governments are pushing to “kill the net neutrality”.

Stefan Ćertić
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